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Near downtown Raleigh,  this private boutique spa experience is for women of discerning taste.

Professional Aesthetician since 2004, Kat J Hall, uses Eminence Organic Skin Care in her treatments, interweaving them with energy work, sound therapy, gemstones, warm basalt stones, facelift acupressure & scalp massage. 

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In each facial you reap the muscle toning benefits of Japanese facelift massage, acupressure, Hungarian massage, scalp massage, and a variety of other modalities that detoxify, repair and assist your skin in achieving optimal health and a radiant glow.

I believe in energy and light. Everything in the universe is made of this substance, including ourselves. Yes, light is a substance, particles moving in wave lengths. Accessing this energy is how one’s well-being is enhanced. We all know how good we feel near a body of water, or before a rainstorm when the air is filled with negative ions. These feel good particles affect us beneficially. How about when you are immersed in the beauty of nature? There is energy, chi or prana in nature,  all different words for the same thing, which is life force.

This life force sustains us, and effectively sustains youthfulness. Ever witness the skin of a person, or yourself, when under duress? This loss of vitality is a very real thing.

Because of my energy healing training, I offer energetic light healing as part of your facial or body treatment. We are all light beings, and acknowledging that alone, is a step in the direction of your own perfection.

~ In beauty in light,


And a little more . . .

Accessing life your force, and fueling it, is exactly what Kat does for you in her facials & body treatments. This explains the inner & outer glow you will go away with. She is trained in energy and light healing, and simply offers this to you while you are on the massage table. Her clients feel relaxed and rejuvenated, and their skin is restored to vibrancy and aliveness!

Your skin mirrors what goes into your body, and what is going on in your life. As for what goes onto your skin, Kat will only use the alive, cold-processed, nutritious, potent and effective products from Eminence Organic Skin Care. Considering all the demands your life makes on you, why make your skin suffer from something inferior, and with no life force? Let's face it, pun intended, you deserve the best.

In addition to using organic products,  Kat is a trained Reiki Master, using face-lift massage and other techniques to help you look your glowing best.

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